Texas Landscape Consulting for the Do-It-Yourself Installer

Landscape Consulting for the “Do-It-Yourself” Installer



North Texas Landscape Consulting Services

Serving all of Dallas, Fort Worth and the North Texas Area

North Texas Landsape Consulting Services OfferedServices offered:

  • Landscape design, Computer Aided Design (CAD).
  • One on one consulting.
  • Painted out of bed design. (You provide the labor to prepare beds or hire one of our preferred contractors.)
  • Proper placement of plants (once beds have been prepared).
  • Wholesale Landscape Material and delivery.   Shrubs, Trees, Flowers, Compost, Soil Mixes, Stone, Gravels, River Rock.
  • Low cost equipment rental and delivery.
  • Drainage design. One on one consulting or Computer Aided Design.
  • Painted out drainage design. (You provide the labor to dig the trenches or hire one of our preferred contractors.)
  • Lighting systems.  One on one consulting or computer aided design.
  • Painted out lighting design.  Providing calculations for cable sizes and load restrictions for cable and transformers. (You provide the labor or hire one of our preferred contractors.)
  • Vegetable garden one on one consulting.

Consulting Services explained:

North Texas Landscape Consulting Service OfferedLandscape
The success of a landscape depends greatly on a number of variables involved in the site development process.  Water, soil, sun, shade, slope or grade of the land all play important factors in plant selection, erosion control, bed location and layout.  Investing a small amount initially in a consultant will help you avoid all the common mistakes made during the installation process.  We provide the knowledge so that everyone can  “Do it themselves and do it right the first time”.

We provide rock solid plants that have been proven to work well in your specific area.  Depending on how involved you want us to be, these options are available.

  • The consultant can provide a list of plant options.
  • Beds can be painted out for you to prepare.
  • A site plan with drawings can be developed.
  • Plants can be delivered and placed for you to plant.
  • We can put you in touch with a pre-screened contractor.

North Texas Landscape Consulting Services OfferedDrainage
There are multiple types of drainage systems used for different situations in the North Texas area.  Standing water after a rain will require a different approach than an area that just stays boggy and won’t dry up.  Water entering a home or structure may require multiple drainage techniques to properly insure that the problem is solved.
These options are available:

  • Identify the type(s) of system(s) that will be needed to properly remedy the problem.
  • Paint out the system and provide detailed instruction for you to install.
  • Delivery of material and layout.
  • Develop a site plan with drawings.

North Texas Landscape Consutling Services OfferedLighting Systems
Lighting systems are one of the easiest projects for the Do-It- Yourself enthusiast.  Preplanning is crucial in the success of your project.  Determining voltage drops for the length of runs, types of light bulbs, suitable fixtures and transformers and fixture placement is critical.
These options are available:

  • Paint out and flag best fixture locations.
  • Purchase, deliver and layout materials at wholesale price.
  • A site plan with drawings can be developed.

Vegetable Gardens
Love to plant a vegetable garden and watch things grow, but never seem to get much out of it?  There are numerous reasons why this could be happening.

Things to consider are plant varieties, proper planting months or seasons, soil types, fertilizers and application timing and insect control. These options are available:

  • One on one consultation.
  • Personalized schedule showing when to plant varieties, types of fertilizer used and timing of applications.
  • Insect and disease identification and control recommendations.

North Texas Landscape Consulting Accepts Credit Cards

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